Honeywell JetWave KA-BAND satcom system on A320 CEO and NEO

if you want to install Inmarsat GX ka-band satcom system on any of your A320 fleet, CEO or NEO. Airline or VIP this EASA STC covers everything.

FAA validation available.

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Honeywell JetWave™ Ka band for Falcon 50 and Falcon 900

STC for the global high-speed broadband connectivity solution.

Working with Honeywell's new JetWave™ Ka band system, StandardAero has completed an STC for Falcon 900/B/C/EX and Falcon 50 series aircraft. The multi-model STC for the new Honeywell JetWave Ka band Satcom System was fitted for a Falcon 900EX operator. In addition, required documentation has been submitted for EASA validation.

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ARINC 791 FlightGear™ Ka/Ku Universal Installation

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies, in a partnership with Saint Gobain Performance Plastics, now offers a complete ARINC 791 solution for Ka- and Ku-band SATCOM installations. The complete package contains everything required for either retrofit or forward fit installations on large jet aircraft. Installation fittings are adjustable to cover the complete range of aircraft frame spacing while providing discrete interface loads to the fuselage. The aerodynamic fairing follows the fuselage curvature without requiring a large installation doubler, sealants, or fasteners through the aircraft skin.

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Garmin GTN750 Cockpit upgrade for Piaggio P180 Avanti

RUAG Aviation holds the EASA STC for the installation of the Garmin GTN 750 advanced touchscreen solution in Piaggio P180 Avanti cockpits. This gives RUAG Aviation’s customers a unique advantage, enabling them to significantly modernise their aircraft’s avionics.


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BAM 350 Eagle Eye, Maritime Surveillance Aircraft

Estonia is the first country to get the new MSS 7000 system, after operating the MSS 6000 for more than 10 years. The new MSS 7000 system for Estonia has installed on board a new Beech King Air 350ER aircraft.

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Underwater Locator Device - ULD

Events related to aircraft missing over oceanic areas have led to several new requirements, amongst which is the introduction of a long-range Underwater Locator Device (ULD).

The ULD low frequency (8.8kHz) technology is used to increase the range at which aircraft submerged wreckage can be located.

It will be mounted on the aircraft structure free of sound absorbent materials and not in wing sections or empennage. The installation is in accordance with ARINC specification 667, which describes the removal, installation and maintenance aspects of an ULD installation.

Note that the ULD is not to be confused with the Underwater Locator Beacons (ULB) as installed on the CVR and FDRs. The ULD is complementary to the ULB and is mounted to the aircraft structure.

ICAO states that by January 1st 2018 aircraft flying long range over water with a MTOW>27.000 kg must be equipped with an ULD. Long range over water is determined by the exceedance of the distance from a suitable emergency landing spot. The distance corresponds to 120 min at cruise speed or 400NM whichever is the lesser.

EASA states that by January 1st 2019 Passenger aircraft flying long range over water with a MTOW>27.000 kg and cargo aircraft with MTOW > 45.500kg must be equipped with an ULD. Long range over water is determined by a distance >180 NM from shore.

Other authorities have accepted similar rules.

Contact Fokker Services for other aircaft types.

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 Just one month after receiving the EASA STC for the Inmarsat GX fuselage-mounted satcom antenna installation for the A319, A320/A321 NEO & CEO series aircraft, EAD Aerospace has just now achieved new STC for the A330-200/300 and A340-200/300 families.

 This STC­ – which is also an EASA AML-STC (Aircraft Modification List) – is using the latest generation of EAD Aerospace Satcom Universal Mounting System (SUMS) which provides the customer with access to the Inmarsat GX Aviation service, offering high-speed in-flight connectivity to the passengers via their wireless devices.

 SUMS has been installed and certified since 2014 on the A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, B777-200, B777-300 and B747 (coming soon).

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Honeywell JetWave KA-BAND satcom sytem on A330

After obtaining its first Ka-Band STC in September 2016 on A319/A320/A321, EAD Aerospace, an Eclipse Company released a Ka-Band STC for A330 series aircraft for airline or private aircraft configuration. It has installed the Satcom Universal Mounting Systems (SUMS) for Ka-Band Antenna as a part of the installation of the GX JetWave Ka-Band BroadBand Satellite System (from Honeywell) on A330 series aircraft. 

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Transmitting Portable Electronic Devices (T-PED) Tolerance B777

After TPED tolerance STCs for the use of Wifi aboard A320, B737, and ATR -600 family aircraft, PMVE has completed its TPED STC collection with B777 models. This last EASA STC (ref. 10061590) is aligned with the latest EASA requirements and Eurocae/RTCA standards and allow gate to gate operation (including all phases of flight without restrictions) for the airlines. 

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